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Dot Com is the world’s first internet voyager! While helping her dad to set up a website one day, she’s amazed when her computer mouse sits up and starts talking to her… and then her dog Wizard!

She doesn’t know WHAT is going on but Mr Mouse soon takes charge – and launches the three of them on a voyage INSIDE the internet.

That’s the first of Dot’s adventures in Networld – but there have been many more! She’s travelled inside the net to save the wonderful Eden Project from destruction by the evil Cyber-rats… journeyed back in time to the court of King Henry VIII… found out that when you make a typing mitsake, sorry, mistake, it’s because of wicked little creatures called Grimbles that live in your computer… and saved the Internet from destruction when one of the Zildiths of Phargon – the wizards who look after all the good information on the worldwide web – is kidnapped.

That and becoming the famous detective Sherlock Holmes’ first girl assistant has been more than enough to keep her busy! Click here for the latest adventure

As well as her adventures, Dot has a daily Diary where she talks about her home and school life; and the Dot team also provides a Monday to Friday Dot News service, with fun and interesting stories specially for missdorothy.com fans.

You can also e-mail Dot and ask her about anything you want – or just chat - at dot@missdorothy.com

Join Dot every day in the world of missdorothy.com!